DCG Re works with carriers and service providers to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.  Licensed nationally, we are uniquely positioned to provide the complete solution you seek  -  one that complements your sales efforts, provides the specialty consulting to pull it together and wraps the program with risk relief packaged to your unique business needs.

DCG Re's Customer Value Proposition

DCG Re has established relationships with carriers and service providers throughout the industry.  Our Agency's leadership has had tremendous success packaging and selling products and services that differentiate programs sold to individuals, employer/employee groups and to members of sponsored groups.  Whether a carrier, association, TPA or affiinity group, we work closely with each client to create the right plans and the right business model! 

Patent Protected Product Solutions

Partnering to develop, patent and distribute new product solutions that truly differentiate your product portfolio can be difficult in a mature market.  DCG Re's skilled resources are prepared to work with your team to secure not only "trade secret" status for the filing,  but also patent protection for the design elements and copyright protection for the policy language.  The result provides you government protection from duplication for several years  -  a true market differential!

Product & Service Portfolio Solutions

DCG Re works with some of the strongest service providers nationally offering a full portfolio of programs  -  Wellness, Concierge Travel, CADR+/Teladoc, Identity Protection, Eldercare Services, Document safety and many more. We also work with Individual, Group and the U.S. Direct operations  of L&H, A&H and P&C carriers  -  we're prepared to assist in packaging embedded and voluntary elements in  packages offered to employer and sponsored groups.