At DCG Re we are prepared to work with you to resolve your unique risk concerns.  We can assist in structuring a program to mitigate volatility - cap excess limits on highly paid individuals and/or the length of benefit duration or a combination proportional/excess program on traditional, niche and/or specialty segments. We're also prepared to collaborate with your team on facultative risks.

Reinsurance manages capital and risk concerns...we offer surplus relief solutions to address capital inefficiencies - capital strain offset to support growth of new lines of business - asset intensive solutions to help manage investment related risks.  Financial reinsurance not only provides capital management solutions, it resolves solvency concerns imposed by a changing regulatory environment.


As employers become more global, our carrier customers require the ability to insure employees of these companies working out of country.  DCG Re has put in place an international reinsurance structure to provide coverage for these individuals - insurance coverage that includes international medical care in´╗┐ the best facilities - by the best local physicians and emergency transport of family and/or insured.

DCG Re provides each reinsured customer a package of "In Service" days each treaty year.  The number of days is determined based upon volume of reinsurance managed. As the ceding customer, you choose how you would like to use these days - select from actuarial, new product development, compliance/filing, claim support, complex claim management, underwriting, training, absence/ FMLA, market intelligence, strategic planning.  DCG Re and our industry associates are prepared to deliver any combination of "Value Add" services or projects important to each individual customer.



DCG Re partner relationships bring financial strength and a global perspective.  We have a history of developing long, collaborative partnerships with those ceding risk, as welll as sthe reinsurs we manage risk for.  We place domestic and international reinsurance  through our reinsurance facilities; each reinsurer holds "Excellent" financial ratings. We partner with Lloyd's Syndicates to offer our customers placement for unique programs and catastrophic cover.



Complex Claims

Product Development


Compliance/ Filing


If DCG Re doesn't "house" the specific capability you seek, not a problem, we will package the cost of the service program as "In Service" to your reinsurance program.  Working with industry associates such as Butterfly Financial Consultants, Salt Associates and ´╗┐ClaimVantage - DCG Re is prepared to meet your needs!