Specialty Consulting Services

DCG Re's business team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience "and" the strength of our team is elevated through partnership with many of the industry's strongest speciality service and technology providers.
When you seek a business specialist that can provide a complete Group Benefits service solution - something outside the "box" -      DCG Re is that firm!

"In-Service" Consulting

Our business team is experienced in providing consulting and support services to all areas of your business.  Our goal is to understand your unique needs and  deliver flexible, on-point  solutions.  We tailor each and every program to fit your specific needs and interests.

Full Service

The team at DCG Re is well versed with coordinating plans and contractors, making sure our project managers are on top of everything. Organization, efficiency, and professionalism are three things we combine to make sure projects follow design specs and are completed correctly.

Network Partners

We partner with best in class industry professionals to bring together a complete portfolio of services which meet your business needs.  These services are coupled into our consutling arrangments and are seamless to you which makes working with DCG Re an easy choice for your company.


Actuarial & Underwriting

Claims Management & Technology

Products & Compliance/Filing